Grilling for Beginners: The Best Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Grill beginners usually have to wait a long time for the first success, because there are a few pitfalls when grilling that you should know so that nothing goes wrong. In this article, we will tell you how you can quickly go from beginner to grill pro.

Grilling for beginners: The right grill is important

There are countless grills on the market that can be operated either with gas, coal, or electrically. We will show you how to find the right grill for you and which utensils you need for grilling.

  • First, form your own opinion by going to a specialist shop and looking at a few models.
  • You should also have a budget, as the price range for grills is very large.
  • Feel free to seek advice, just remember that sellers are also happy to sell you more expensive products – despite good, cheaper alternatives. So look around carefully.
  • You can also try out grills, either at a specialist market event or at a friend’s barbecue evening. This is the best way to determine what you are most comfortable with.
  • In addition to a grill, you should also buy grill tongs, as well as grill lighters for charcoal grills, and, if necessary, a chimney starter.

How to properly fire up the grill

Since grilling is usually an open fire, the risk of accidents is quite high. We will show you how to safely light and use the grill.

  • Make sure the grill is stable. If necessary, place something under the grill foot to compensate for unevenness or weight on the feet to prevent the grill from falling over.
  • In general: Do not bend over the grill when lighting it! The risk of suddenly occurring flash fires is too great.
  • To light a charcoal grill, you first need to have the right charcoal. Normal charcoal, which is highly flammable and does not produce sparks, is best suited. You should not use charcoal that is too old and already lumpy, otherwise, the charcoal will change the taste of the food being grilled.
  • You should also not light a charcoal grill with pine cones or small pieces of wood, as these can contain resins that can infect the food being grilled with harmful toxins.
  • The safest method is a barbecue chimney. The charcoal goes in at the top and pieces of ecological grill lighters are added at the bottom, which you then light from below. The warm air rises and the charcoal burns more evenly.
  • In the event of an accident such as a fire caused by sparks or burns to the skin, always call the fire brigade or rescue service on the emergency number 112 for help.

In this way, you can optimally prepare the food to be grilled

First and foremost, everything that you normally cook can be grilled. From meat to fish to vegetables, anything is possible.

  • To get started, it’s a good idea to grill sausages, as they are stable on the grill and can be turned easily.
  • The following applies to sausages: Do not turn them too often, otherwise they will quickly turn brown on the outside but will still be raw on the inside.
  • You can also find good tips on cooking times in barbecue forums. A grill thermometer can help you to determine the right cooking point, especially for thicker pieces of meat.
  • Otherwise, you just have to try it and make your own experiences with it, because every piece of meat or vegetable behaves differently on the grill.

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