Grilling without Aluminum Foil: This is How Vegetables, Cheese

You can easily grill vegetables, cheese, or meat without aluminum foil. We have summarized the alternatives you can use for you.

Grilling without aluminum foil

When grilling, you often use aluminum foil to protect the grilled food from harmful hydrocarbons or to grill gently. Since aluminum is harmful to your health and the environment, you should avoid aluminum if possible.

  • Aluminum can dissolve in contact with acid and salt. You should therefore never wrap marinated meat or vegetables in aluminum foil. Acidic fruit and vegetables should also not be wrapped in aluminum foil.
  • Fish, meat, and vegetables therefore only have to be seasoned after they have been grilled in aluminum foil.
  • Aluminum can get into food. The metal has a negative effect on the nervous system, fertility, and bone structure in humans. The weekly aluminum content should not be more than one milligram per body weight.

Substitute for aluminum foil – this is how vegetables, cheese, and co.

There are plenty of alternatives to aluminum foil. These are not only healthier for your well-being, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  • You can use banana leaves, cabbage, chard, rhubarb or vine leaves for grilling. If you get firm leaves, then you should blanch them briefly before use. This variant is well suited for grilling cheese, fish, and meat.
  • Even beginners can’t go wrong with it.
  • You can grill bananas in banana leaves.
  • Baking paper and parchment are suitable for grilling potatoes and fish. To do this, coat the paper with cooking oil beforehand. In this case, do not grill potatoes and fish too hot, so that they do not dry out.
  • If you don’t want to wrap your grilled food in paper or banana leaves, you can, for example, skewer it on wooden skewers and grill it directly over the fire.
  • A durable and sustainable variant is grill pans made of enamel or stainless steel as well as pans and woks made of cast iron.
  • You can use grill grids when grilling fish and meat. You should oil them well beforehand so that the food to be grilled does not stick to the grid.
  • If you don’t mind a natural wood flavor, wrap your grilled food in natural wood grill paper.
  • Grill planks and grill boards are mostly made of beech or cedar wood. In order to achieve a good grilling result, they must be soaked in water for an hour before grilling.

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