How a Girl Can Open Wine Without a Corkscrew: 5 Proven Techniques

Sooner or later any girl is faced with a situation when the cherished attribute of the holiday, seductively enticing grape bouquet, and unpredictable actions, there is simply nothing to open. The wonderful drink that turns a woman into an empress longingly awaits its time in the imprisonment of indifferent and cold glass.

How to open wine without a corkscrew – 5 options

Use a knife

Take a sharp kitchen knife, screw it into the cork 1 cm, and with a twisting motion pull the cork out. You can pry it only slightly, and take out the rest with your hands. The best way to do this is to use a knife with a serrated blade. The second option is to pry the plug closer to the edge of the neck and pull it out, using your finger as support.

Using the same technique, you can take wrenches, but make sure they have a narrow pointed end.

Heat the bottle

Take a pot out of the cabinet, pour water into it, and put it on the fire. Place the bottle inside and wait for it to heat up. Because of the high temperatures, the cork should fly out by itself or slightly out of the bottle, then you can remove it with your fingers. The only disadvantage of this method is that instead of cool wine you get mulled wine, which in winter is not so bad.

Wrap with a towel

Another proven method is to take a towel and wrap it around the bottom of the bottle. Next, start lightly tapping the back of the wine container against the wall until the cork pops out. Be careful: if you overdo it, you will break the bottle.

Take your shoes off

An alternative to a towel is an ordinary shoe. Put the bottle in a boot or boot with the bottom down, and then insistently, but without fanaticism, hit the heel against the wall, holding the bottle. With each strike, the cork will fly out of the neck more and more. When it is halfway out, you can pull it out with your hands.

Armed with pliers

This method, by the way, is considered one of the fastest and safest. You will need to make an effort, but if a woman can “ride a horse and into a burning house”, then a bottle of wine will certainly cope.

Take a self-tapping screw or a screw and screw it by hand into the cork, leaving a few millimeters. Grasp the cap with pliers and pull the screw up. Instead of pliers, you can use a nail gun.

Important nuance: this option should not be taken into account if you have an aged wine with a loose cork, otherwise it will crumble from the pressure.

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Written by Emma Miller

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