How Healthy Are Dried Fruits Really?

Whether dates, raisins, or apples – dried fruit is considered the alternative to chocolate and Co. But is dried fruit really as healthy as we think? We take a closer look at the dried fruits.

How are dried fruits made?

The idea of drying fruit originally came from the Middle East. Perishable fruit can simply be made to last longer.

For this, the fruits are dried in drying ovens. Larger types of fruit, such as apples and apricots, are sliced beforehand so that they can dry more quickly.

Is dried fruit a calorie bomb?

Heating has a significant disadvantage compared to fresh fruit, as the liquid is reduced to around 20 percent. After drying, mainly dietary fiber and carbohydrates remain in the form of fructose. This means dried fruit contains much more sugar per gram than fresh fruit and is therefore a lot higher in calories. The dried version is therefore a true calorie bomb.

Does dried fruit still contain nutrients?

Most of the nutrients remain even after drying. Dried fruit still contains minerals and most vitamins. However, one important vitamin does not survive the drying process: vitamin C is sensitive to high temperatures and is therefore largely destroyed.

Are sulphurous dried fruits harmful to health?

In order to protect the fruit from pests and to preserve its beautiful colour, industrially produced dried fruit is often mixed with the preservative sulfur dioxide. This can result in health consequences such as headaches, bloating and itching in people who are allergic to sulfur, in people who suffer from asthma and in people with a sensitive stomach.

Is dried fruit recommended as a home remedy?

Dried fruits are a proven home remedy for constipation because they stimulate digestion. However, if you want to get your digestion going with dried fruit, you should make sure that the dried fruit does not contain any sulfur so as not to put additional strain on the digestive tract. In addition, it is advisable to consume the dried fruit only in moderation due to the high sugar content.

Are Dried Fruits a Healthy Alternative to Sweets?

Anyone who consumes dried fruit as a snack should pay attention to the amount, just like with chocolate and chips, because in terms of the number of calories, dried fruit is no healthier than conventional sweets. The plus point for dried fruit, however, is the proportion of important nutrients that are present with the exception of vitamin C. The good ingredients make dried fruit healthier than chocolate and co.

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