How Long Can You Wear Slippers Without Getting Sick

Many people wear slippers at home and do not know that this wardrobe item can be very harmful to the health of feet and toenails. That is why it is very important to know about the rules for replacing slippers because it takes much longer to treat than to prevent the disease.

How long can you wear slippers – the difference in materials

Poor ventilation and unnatural materials in the manufacture of slippers lead to foot and nail diseases, namely fungi and mycoses.

For this reason, you should be responsible when choosing slippers. Slippers made of leather or natural fabric and with an open toe will last longer, as they require simple care and do not expose the feet to diseases as much.

As for other materials, for example, faux fur and fabrics, they will have to be washed quite often to protect yourself, but at the same time, such materials often quickly lose their shape with constant washing.

How often do you need to change your slippers – stay healthy and don’t wear the old ones

According to the recommendations of doctors, slippers should be treated and disinfected weekly. This can be done with disinfectants or by washing with soda.

But you need to change your slippers once a quarter, that is, 4 times a year.

Can you wash slippers – rules for shoe care

Slippers should be cared for often, it is not difficult.

Washing rules:

  • before sending slippers to the machine, treat them with soapy water by hand
  • wash slippers in a bag or pillowcase
  • the washing temperature should not exceed 30-40 degrees
  • the required mode is hand wash
  • turn off the spin cycle
  • weed twice
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