How Long Does Yeast Keep? 3 Tips To Check

Yeast is currently a rare commodity and many people stock up on the baking ingredient as soon as it becomes available in the supermarket. But how long does yeast keep? These tips will help to check the shelf life of fresh and dry yeast.

How long does yeast keep? Anyone who was able to get hold of the popular baking ingredient will quickly ask themselves this question if there is anything left after baking the bread? The best-before date gives the first clue, but there is a difference between dry yeast and fresh yeast. These tips will help you identify if expired yeast is still usable.

How long does dry yeast keep?

When dried, the baking ingredient has a longer shelf life than the fresh version. Even after the best-before date, dried yeast can usually still be kept for a few days and can be used without a hitch.

How long does fresh yeast keep?

Fresh yeast has a much shorter shelf life than the dried variety. On average, it can be kept fresh for between ten and 14 days. However, if the baking ingredient is stored in a cool place in the refrigerator, in many cases the product can still be used a few days after the best-before date.

Tips for checking the shelf life of fresh yeast

You can use these tips to determine whether fresh yeast has a shelf life:

  1. Check the consistency: Normally, the fresh yeast variant has a soft consistency. If it’s dry, it may be an indication that it’s already spoiled. If a greasy film forms, you should also stop using the baking ingredient.
  2. Check color: Fresh yeast has a light gray to medium brown, even color. If the color of the product is uneven and has dark shades, it should be discarded.
  3. Water trick: To make sure that fresh yeast can still be stored, you can simply place the piece of yeast in a glass of water. If the yeast sinks to the bottom, it’s already gone bad. If the yeast cube floats to the top, you can still use the yeast. However, only if the color and consistency are normal.

To determine whether expired, fresh yeast can still be kept, you should therefore check all three criteria.

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