How to Clean the Grill Grate in 30 Seconds: Healthy Life Hacks

Follow these step-by-step instructions to clean your onion grill. As the hot grilling season continues, there’s an easier way to clean your grill after a barbecue that avoids the use of harsh cleaners and grill detergents.

With just a fresh onion cut in half, you can get rid of soot and stuck-on debris in seconds, saving you time on brushing.

All you need is a white onion and a grill fork. Follow these step-by-step instructions for cleaning your grill with onion and other general grill care tips all summer long.

How to clean your grill with an onion

Never use water directly on cast iron grates. This can cause them to rust, which will ruin the taste of future barbecues. Instead, use an onion or use a natural grill cleaner that does not contain cast iron.

If you do not have cast iron grates, water will do, especially for deep cleaning at the end of the season. To do this, remove the grates and immerse them in a bowl of soapy water (or a water and vinegar solution). You can also dip a grill brush in a little water to remove debris from the grates after grilling.

Use an onion to clean the grate

After you are done grilling, leave the grill on. Then, put half a white onion on the end of a grill fork and rub it face down on the grill. The heat combined with the onion’s natural antibacterial properties will break down any stubborn char or sticky sauce.

Remember: the grates need to be hot, so hold the onions with a fork or tongs (to avoid burning your hands). And if the food is really stuck, try using a natural acid such as lemon juice or white wine vinegar to speed up the process.

For those of you with a charcoal grill, save the onions to reduce food waste. Once you’re done, toss it into the hot coals and allow the smoky flavor to permeate whatever you cook next.

Remove excess carbon deposits

Every time you use the grill, grease builds up on its components and the smoke turns into charcoal, small flakes that remain in the grill cap. To prevent dirt and soot from getting into the food, you should regularly clean the hood, trays, and burners.

When you soak the grill grate, use a grill brush along the hood to remove excess carbon and debris.

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