How To: Freeze Chicken Properly. Instructions

If you have bought too much delicious chicken, you should freeze it. We will help you so that you can enjoy the meat for a long time.

Utensils needed

Chicken is easy to freeze as long as you have the supplies you need. Chicken meat is best sealed, but not everyone has a vacuum sealer at home. Fortunately, the missing device can be replaced with little effort. All you need is straws. With these, you can roughly recreate the function of the vacuum sealer. The following items are also important:

  • Freezer or vacuum bags
  • cling film

Prepare chicken

The preparation ensures that the poultry can freeze quickly enough. If it’s not wrapped well enough, it will freeze unevenly. The taste and the structure suffer noticeably. The preparation is actually just the right portioning of the chicken meat. Unpack meat that is not vacuum-packed beforehand. You should never freeze the chicken in the actual overwrap unless it has been vacuum sealed. To make it easier for you to portion the chicken after freezing, you now have to wrap individual pieces in cling film. This applies in particular to the following variants:

  • chicken thighs
  • chicken breast
  • chopped chicken

For example, if you put two pieces of chicken breast in a freezer bag, they will freeze together. As a result, they take much longer to thaw. At the same time, ice crystals can form more easily, which in turn has a bad effect on the taste of the meat. You don’t have to wrap chicken strips individually. Smaller portion sizes are sufficient here. Take a little time and wrap the individual pieces of meat well in cling film. You can of course put a whole chicken directly in the bag.

Note: Freeze the chicken meat as soon as possible, because it doesn’t last long in the fridge.

Freeze chicken: instructions

Now it’s finally time to freeze the chicken. Once the pieces have been portioned, pack them in a vacuum or freezer bag. It is now welded in. If you use a vacuum sealer, simply place the bag with the opening in the device and switch it on. If you use the straw variant, we have prepared extensive instructions for you:

  • Close freezer bag
  • leave a small opening
  • Put the straw in
  • Suck the air out of the bag
  • Close the bag well afterward
  • immediately in the freezer

This method allows you to remove enough air from the bags. Although this method is not as good as the vacuum sealer, it is perfectly adequate for freezing. Of course, you can ask a family member to help you with this task. Don’t forget to set your freezer to a temperature of -18°C or colder. This speeds up the freezing process significantly.

Note: Label the packaging with the freezing date and the type of meat. This way you know immediately what kind of meat it is.

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