How to Grow Leaf Lettuce in the Garden: Recommendations and Good Dates

The advantage of leaf lettuce is that this crop is cold-resistant – you can start planting it as early as April. Experienced gardeners say that it is better to wait until there are no frosts, and in May, as a rule, there are none.

When to plant lettuce in the spring – basic rules

Leaf lettuce – a popular crop, which is not particularly fastidious in care. That is why gardeners plant it from early spring until autumn – this method allows you to have a regular harvest all summer. If you need lettuce not only fresh but also for winter preserves, we recommend sowing it every 14 days, so that you constantly have access to fresh greens.

Gardeners do not recommend planting lettuce if frosts may occur – temperatures of -5°C and below will lead to the death of the plant. The optimal time is warm May at +10-12°C with a slight night chill.

When to plant lettuce according to the lunar calendar

Be sure to pay attention to the phase of the moon, otherwise, the plants you planted will not give a good harvest or will not grow at all. In May there will be good and bad days for planting leaf lettuce, we advise you to read the schedule:

  • Favorable days for planting lettuce in May 2022: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15.
  • Unfavorable days to plant lettuce in May 2022: 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 25, 26, 30.

The other days of the month are neutral, so you can plant leaf lettuce on other dates if there is no other option.

How to grow leaf lettuce – technology

Before you start planting lettuce, it is important to choose a good place on the bed. Take into account that if you already grew some crops on the plot, it is not always possible to sow lettuce seeds after them.

For example, peppers, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini are good predecessors for lettuce. It can also be planted next to beans, peas, spinach, radishes, onions, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, or strawberries.

The soil must be carefully prepared: properly loosen the beds, and remove all stones and hard pieces of soil. Then make furrows at a distance of 15-20 centimeters from each other to a depth of 1 cm. Plant the lettuce seeds at a distance of 1-2 cm, slightly bury them and water them. You can use a more simplified method – sprinkle the seeds on the loosened soil, and “walk” on top with a rake and water.

Leaf lettuce does not require special care, you just need to water it regularly, periodically loosen the soil and remove weeds.

Do not forget to feed the plant: the first time this should be done after the appearance of the first sprouts, and the second – 10 days after the first. Optimal options for feeding are potassium chloride or ammonium nitrate.

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