How to Increase The Shelf Life of Milk in Conditions of Scarcity

How and how long to store milk

Different types of milk have different shelf lives. Homemade milk is the fastest to sour, and pasteurized milk has the longest shelf life (10-15 days). The shelf life of ultrapasteurized milk is 30 to 90 days. This product can be bought for the preparation of supplies.

How to extend the shelf life of milk

The shelf life of milk is greatly reduced after opening the package. In this case, it is worth pouring it into a jar with a lid or enamelware. Do not store milk on the fridge door, as it will spoil more quickly. Put it on the top shelf against the wall.

To keep milk longer, boil it. This will extend its shelf life by several days. Do not put hot food near the can of milk. If you take milk out of the fridge, don’t leave it in the sunlight. You can put the container of milk in the freezer and store it for 2 months.

If the milk has gone bad, you can no longer drink it. But it can be added to the dough for cookies, pancakes, pancake, and pies.

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