How to Prepare Rice for a Delicious and Crumbly Pilaf: A Secret From the Cook

Experts say that, despite popular advice, you don’t need to rinse the rice at all to get a truly delicious crumbly pilaf.

Delicious crumbly rice in pilaf is what every cook strives for. After all, cooking rice porridge with meat is a simple task, but making real pilaf is an art.

How to cook rice correctly – no need to rinse

Experts say that popular advice to rinse rice for a really tasty crumbly pilaf is not necessary at all. Washing the rice in water until it becomes transparent will not give you the desired result.

You need to soak it, but do it right

Rice for pilaf should be soaked without first rinsing it thoroughly. Soak the cereal in water for 1.5 to 4 hours. The water should be thoroughly salted. The secret is that the water for soaking must be hot, about 60 degrees.

Salted hot water is the best way to wash the starch out of rice, and this will make the pilaf both crumbly and tasty. If you wash out the starch by rubbing the rice thoroughly with your hands, you risk breaking the grains, and they will absorb more moisture than necessary.

And simply rinsing the rice with water is of no use at all.

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