How to Store Garlic at Home so it Doesn’t Dry Out or Go Bad

How to Store Garlic in a Jar

Sterilize three-liter jars with boiling water and place the garlic in them tightly. Store at room temperature. It is not necessary to put a lid on them.

How to Store Garlic in Stockings

Stuff the garlic into stockings or pantyhose, tie them on top, and hang them up. Stockings are air permeable, which helps keep garlic for a long time.

How to store garlic in a pouch or netting

Mesh or canvas bags are great for storing garlic. An owl bag also works well. Put the garlic in the bag, tie and hang it, or place it on a shelf.

How to store garlic in a box

Place the garlic in a plastic box with mesh walls. Place the box on a shelf or under a table.

How to store garlic in flour

Fill the bottom of a large pot with about 10 cm of flour. Fill the pot with garlic, sprinkle the flour on top, and cover with a lid. The flour absorbs moisture well, so the vegetable can be stored for several months.

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Written by Emma Miller

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