How to Understand That Your Body Lacks Vitamins: Five Signs on Your Nails

You’ve probably heard that white spots on your nails mean you don’t have enough calcium in your diet. White spots, cracks, and grooves are just a few of the problems many of us face when it comes to our nails, but they can be easily solved with supplements.

White spots

You’ve probably heard that white spots on your nails mean you don’t have enough calcium in your diet, but that’s not true. These “milky spots” are actually related to zinc or iron deficiencies, but they can be the result of a simple bump.

You can easily strengthen your nails and prevent white spots if you take advantage of vitamin deficiencies with nutritional supplements and grape seed oil or vitamin E hand cream.


Have you noticed that your nails are cracking? You may have a deficiency. One of the most common causes of nail splitting is iron deficiency. However, you may also have a deficiency of any of the B vitamins or a lack of protein in your diet.


Brittle nails can be caused by a lack of moisture, excessive hand washing with soap and water, or overexposure to detergents and harsh nail products. If you have brittle nails, they may be fragmented at the edges, crumble, and have a yellowish tint.

If only the nails are affected, it is most likely an external problem. It can also be caused by iron deficiency and anemia, and this can affect the toenails as well. Dimpled nails are dimples and dents in the nails. It is usually caused by an allergic reaction or problems with the immune system. However, it can also be caused by a vitamin D deficiency.


Grooves are a common problem for nails, and they can go in different directions. Longitudinal grooves running from the nail bed to the edge can signal a vitamin B12 deficiency. You can solve this problem with supplements and injections, as well as with thick hand cream.

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Written by Emma Miller

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