How to Wash a Jacket in a Washing Machine Without Ruining It

How to wash a jacket in the machine: general rules

First of all, you need to find a tag on the jacket from the manufacturer. It indicates whether the thing can be washed in a machine and at what temperature it is best to do it. If the label has a sign of a basin with a hand, then washing in a machine is forbidden. Sometimes the manufacturer allows machine washing but forbids spinning.

Before washing, you should check all pockets. Unbutton all items that can be unbuttoned – hoods, furs, decorations. Fasten all zippers and buttons so they do not damage the machine. Turn the garment inside out – this will eliminate the risk of streaks on the face of the garment.

Place the garment in the machine. It is best not to put anything but a jacket in the drum, even if it is lightweight. Choose the water temperature recommended on the label. Some machines have a special mode for washing your jacket. Do not use laundry detergent, as it may leave streaks on the jacket. Use a liquid laundry detergent instead.

How to wash a synthetic jacket in a machine

Synthetic jackets are washed at a temperature no higher than 30 ° and no longer than 40 minutes. After washing the product is not wrung out in the machine, and dried naturally. Such a jacket can not be washed with agents that include chlorine.

How to wash down jacket in the machine

Washing down a jacket requires the mode “Delicate”, so as not to damage the thing. Washing temperature – no higher than 30 °. After washing, turn on the rinse a few times and select the slow speed mode, if the product label allows spinning. Dry the down jacket horizontally, turning it occasionally.

How to wash a polyester jacket in the machine

Such a thing can be washed at temperatures up to 40 °. Set the delicate mode, turn off the dryer, and spin. After washing, hand wring the jacket and dry it on “shoulders”. Polyester jackets should not be dried on a radiator and in direct sunlight – it can spoil the thing.

How to wash a jacket in the machine

Windbreakers are not very demanding to washing conditions. Unless the label indicates otherwise, you can wash a windbreaker at 40 °, and spin and dry it in the machine. Do not forget to fasten all the zippers and turn the jacket. To dry the jacket should not be hung up, otherwise, it can stretch. It is better to put it on a flat surface.

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