Is Cold Tea Healthy?

Is Cold Tea Healthy? Numerous researchers have already dealt with this question. Her work shows that the temperature of tea actually affects how beneficial (or negative) it is for health. All facts at a glance!

Fragrant, freshly brewed tea: the epitome of comfort and relaxation. But the following scenario is certainly familiar to many: the tea is hardly ready when it is already forgotten again. Half an hour and five phone calls later, he comes back to memory – and is cold. Most of the time it still tastes good and especially in summer it is pleasantly refreshing. But is cold tea also healthy? Or should you always enjoy it hot?

Is Cold Tea Healthy? A question for research

To answer the question of whether cold tea is healthy, scientists from different nations took a closer look at various aspects – for example, whether warm or cold tea is better for losing weight. Because obesity is one of the causes of various dangerous widespread diseases.

Yerba mate tea for weight loss: does the tea also work cold?

For a study supported by the Swiss Heart Foundation, a team at the University of Friborg had 23 subjects drink 500 milliliters of yerba mate tea on two different days – the caffeinated tea is popular as a fitness drink because it is particularly rich in nutrients Losing weight helps and has an invigorating effect. The aim of the experiment: to find out whether cold tea can help with weight loss as well as warm tea.

Drinking cold tea stimulates energy consumption more

The tea was either 3°C or 55°C and should be drunk within five minutes. Various variables were continuously measured over the following 90 minutes: blood pressure, heart rate, the amount of blood pumped by the heart, as well as oxygen consumption and fat oxidation. The measurement results were compared with the values ​​that were measured half an hour before taking the tea.

The result: The energy consumption of the subjects increased twice as much when drinking cold tea (+8.3%) as when consuming warm tea (+3.7%). Cold tea also boosted fat burning – the researchers concluded that cold tea is even better for losing weight than warm tea.

Drink tea warm or cold? The wrong temperature is bad for your health

Drinking tea that is too hot (70°C or more) poses health risks. As an Iranian research paper published in 2009 showed, drinking hot tea increases the likelihood of developing esophageal cancer eightfold – however, during this hour the subjects drank an average of more than a liter of tea a day.

Other disadvantages of tea consumed too hot can be cracked teeth, nosebleeds and increased flare-ups of rosacea. But when drunk cold, tea can even prolong life – this was shown by a study by French researchers in 2014.

So the next time you find a forgotten teacup, you can confidently grab it – because science shows that cold tea is healthy and has even more benefits for the body than warm tea.

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