Is Pumpkin Healthy? 10 Pumpkin Facts You Should Know

Did you know that pumpkin meat helps you lose weight? And that pumpkin not only makes you healthy, but also beautiful? 10 surprising facts about pumpkin season.

The pumpkin season in autumn makes us happy – you too? Here you will find out exciting facts about the pumpkin and also whether the pumpkin is healthy.

Is Pumpkin Healthy? How good pumpkin and pumpkin soup can do us

The pumpkin is healthy – that much can already be said. But when is it ripe and does it matter what type of pumpkin I use? And is pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable? You can find out that and much more in our facts

Because the pumpkin not only tastes delicious, it is a real plus for your diet. And no matter whether Hokkaido pumpkin or others like the butternut pumpkin, whether as a soup, pumpkin seed oil or in so many other recipes to eat, with the pumpkin you are always on the right side and do something good for your body. But now we come to the facts that make the pumpkin healthy.

Is the pumpkin ripe yet? knock!

The pumpkins are piling up in the shops. But how do you know which pumpkin tastes the best? There are two tricks for this: On the one hand, the tapping technique helps, similar to melons. If the pumpkin sounds hollow, it’s ripe. On the other hand, the color provides information, it should be bright orange and not have any green spots. Then the pumpkin is ready for healthy pumpkin soup, recipes from the oven and so much more.

Hokkaido, Butternut and Co.: Each variety has its own characteristics

Pumpkin is pumpkin? No way. It is worth knowing the most common varieties. Hokkaido is the most well-known squash and is easy to prepare – the pulp cooks quickly when cooked and becomes creamy, the skin is edible. The butternut squash, on the other hand, impresses with fewer seeds and a nutty-buttery aroma, which is why it tastes great raw, as well as puree or soup. The nutmeg pumpkin also has a particularly intense aroma and is ideal for soups.

Pumpkin is beautiful

Pumpkin flesh is packed with nutrients. Silicic acid ensures beautiful skin and nails, but also makes the connective tissue fit again. Our eyes are also optimally cared for with the high content of beta-carotene. The beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A in our body – and vitamin A is not only important for the eyes, but also supports the skin and mucous membranes. In addition, you will also find vitamin E and folic acid, as the Apotheken Umschau knows.

So healthy: fit through pumpkin

Women in particular often suffer from iron deficiency. Pumpkin is a good plant source of iron and thus also strengthens our immune system. Calcium, on the other hand, ensures strong bones. This makes the squash healthy. And with it also pumpkin soup and other recipes. A real plus for your health.

Low in calories: You can lose weight with pumpkin

Feasting on pumpkin is allowed! Despite its buttery consistency, the plant is very low in calories, because the healthy pumpkin consists of 90% water. The potassium it contains also regulates the fluid balance so that water retention is avoided.

Pumpkin can be bought in advance

Although the crops are in peak season in the fall, pumpkin lovers can enjoy them even longer if they stock up. Because pumpkins keep for several months in a cool place, such as in the basement! Then you can finally try out a lot of healthy recipes – in addition to soup, there are many other options such as goulash, stuffed pumpkin and Co. Only when the skin gets dark spots and becomes soft should the pumpkin be disposed of. Once cut, the squash can be stored in cling film in the fridge for a week.

There’s a spaghetti squash

Lose weight with pasta? The special spaghetti squash makes this possible. Its flesh breaks down into noodle-like fibers during cooking, which look like spaghetti and can also be processed like this. This makes them ideal as a pasta substitute for low-carb fans.

Pumpkin can be frozen

If you want to enjoy pumpkin and pumpkin soup all year round, you can simply freeze the pumpkin flesh. It is best to peel the pumpkin, cut it into small cubes, blanch it briefly and cool it down again. This is the ideal basis for a pumpkin soup.

The pumpkin is a berry

And the biggest berry in the world. Pumpkin plants officially belong to the berry fruits. Because of their size and skin, they are also called shell berries.

Don’t throw away healthy pumpkin seeds

It is well known that pumpkin seeds are healthy. Even so, most people throw away the cores after hollowing them out. Instead, you can free them from the flesh and dry them on a baking sheet for 20 minutes at 100 degrees, sweeten or salt the pumpkin seeds – the snack is ready. Recipes can be that simple.

All in all, the pumpkin is good for your health and therefore perfect for your diet – as many nutrients as there are in the pumpkin. A really good food. And if you want to know what’s in pumpkin seed oil, just click on it below and learn a little more about the delicious oil, its valuable ingredients and why it has a positive effect on health.

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Written by Paul Keller

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