Life Changing Bread

Life Changing Bread is the name for a simple and super healthy bread that you can easily make yourself. You can find the recipe, ingredients, and instructions for the Life-Changing Bread in this article.

Life Changing Bread: That’s behind it

The Life-Changing Bread promises to change lives with its name. We can’t promise that, but we can promise that you can have a simple, healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner with this bread anytime.

  • Almost everyone now knows it: toast, delicious French baguette, or the white roll from the bakery – they all provide little or no nutrients. Nevertheless, many people can’t renounce their morning bread.
  • The Life-Changing Bread aims to be a solution to this by satisfying the craving for bread, but at the same time containing numerous nutrient-rich ingredients.
  • With endless fiber, healthy fats, and vitamins, you can enjoy your morning slice of bread knowing you’re doing something extraordinarily good (and delicious) for your body.
  • In addition, the Life Changing Bread can be perfectly adapted to allergies, the supplies in the cupboard, or personal preferences.

Life Changing Bread: Ingredients for the recipe

You can modify the recipe for the Life-Changing Bread in many ways by changing the ingredients as you like. But the psyllium husks are essential. The following recipe is inspired by the My New Roots blog.

  • First, you need 4 tablespoons of psyllium husk. These are used as a link since the bread does not contain flour.
  • You will also need 150g of oat flakes or spelled flakes.
  • The bread also includes 3 tablespoons of chia seeds and 100g of flaxseeds for your omega 6 needs.
  • You also need 140g of sunflower seeds.
  • Next, you can choose between 70g hazelnuts, almonds, or walnuts.
  • Finally, you need a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of agave syrup, and 3 tablespoons of coconut oil for the bread. In addition, 360ml of water and a silicone baking mold.

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