Low-Calorie Cake: Save Calories When Baking

Save calories when baking

From time to time it just has to be cake – and then it’s good to know that you can snack on a low-calorie cake without a guilty conscience! Because with a few tricks you can easily save calories: Depending on your taste, simply replace butter, oil, or margarine with lighter ingredients – without sacrificing consistency and airiness. A big plus of the low-calorie cakes: You not only save calories, but you also get a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Coconut oil: saves 200 kcal

You can easily replace 100 g of butter with 60 g of virgin coconut oil and 4 tablespoons of water. But: Coconut fat is tasteless. It does not imitate the taste of butter.

Low-fat quark: saves 350 kcal

Reduce the butter by half and use quark instead. Perfect for the batter.

Applesauce: Saves 350 kcal

For sponge cakes, you can replace half of the specified butter with unsweetened applesauce.

Prunes: Saves 510 kcal

Perfect for chocolate cake: Instead of butter (100 g), soak approx. 80 g prunes in 30 ml boiling water. Finely puree and stir in with the blender.

Mashed Banana: Saves 640 kcal

You can also use 100 g of finely mashed banana for every 100 g of butter or oil. It makes pastries and sponge cakes wonderfully moist and fluffy.

Chia seeds: Saves 683 kcal

Soak 1 tablespoon of seeds in 100 ml of water for 15 minutes. This replaces 100 g of butter in the dough and provides a roasted aroma.

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Written by John Myers

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