Make Espresso Yourself – That’s How it Works

Make your own espresso – that’s what you need

You can make your own espresso in just a few steps if you have the right ingredients and tools. You need the following for the preparation:

  • For a good espresso, you also need a good espresso machine. The high cost of acquisition is lower when you consider the long service life. You should also invest more money in a good coffee grinder for portafilters because freshly ground beans taste much better.
  • For the preparation, you should give preference to high-quality beans. In specialty stores, you will find a wide selection and you can choose the beans that suit you. So that you can enjoy your prepared espresso, you should serve it in extra espresso cups.

Make espresso yourself – step 1

  • Turn on your espresso machine. It takes a certain amount of time to heat the water to the right brewing temperature. Depending on the model, it can take up to 20 minutes for the machine to heat up properly. Check the owner’s manual for how long your machine should heat up.

Make espresso yourself – step 2

  • You can grind the coffee while the machine is heating up. You have to try several times to find out how fine or coarse you prefer to grind your coffee. The amount of coffee for a double espresso is around 20 grams.
  • Put the coffee in the portafilter. This must be clean and dry, otherwise, the coffee will stick to the damp spots and will not be properly heated by the water.

Make espresso yourself – step 3

  • In order for the coffee in the portafilter to be straight and level and to be well prepared, you have to press it together. You should use a so-called tamper for this. Put it on the coffee surface and press it together. There should be no holes or empty spaces when you insert the portafilter.

Make espresso yourself – step 4

  • Now insert the portafilter into the espresso machine and let the water run through. After about half a minute you should turn off the water. You can find out by trial and error how long you need to let the water run for your ground coffee. It will take you several tries before you succeed in making the perfect espresso.

Make espresso yourself – good tip

  • Run some hot water from the machine into the cup beforehand. This rinses out the old coffee residue and also heats up the cup. Before pouring the espresso into the cup, pour out the hot water. The espresso stays warm longer in a hot cup.
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