Make Jam Yourself – The Best Tips

Make jam yourself: Use airtight mason jars

In order for the jam to keep for a long time, the jars should be sealed airtight. Different types of glasses are suitable for this. We’ll show you what they are.

  • Mason jars: These are the classics that ensure an airtight seal with a rubber ring and metal clasps.
  • However, the latter is removed again after boiling. However, you can only use these jars for preserving, otherwise, the lid will not hold tight.
  • Screw-top jars: These simple jars are popular because they are quick to open and close. You can also use boiled jars from other foods and don’t have to buy new jars for this.
  • Clip-on jars: With these jars, you combine airtight sealing (rubber ring) with a practical opening (clip).

Store homemade jam correctly

If you have filled the homemade jam into airtight containers, you must also store them properly. We will show you what you have to be aware of.

  • It is best to store the hermetically sealed mason jars in a dark and cool place, with the temperature remaining constant. Basements are particularly good for this.
  • Once the jam has opened, you should store it in the fridge. It stays fresh longer there.
  • Basically, the following applies: If stored properly, an unopened, airtight jam can easily last for several months, sometimes even years. If the jam forms mold, you should no longer eat it.

Fresh fruit is suitable for homemade jam

It is best to use fresh fruit or vegetables for your homemade jam because it tastes fresher afterward.

  • Make sure that the fruits are ripe, otherwise, there is a risk of a bitter taste. Check this before cooking.
  • Frozen fruit and vegetables are also suitable for preserving, but usually taste more bitter. However, since this is a matter of taste, you can also try these fruits and vegetables.
  • Note: Before preserving, the fruit must be completely defrosted.

jelly or jam? You must take note of this

You can opt for jelly or jam during canning. Essentially, two different variants are suitable for this.

  1. Jam: All you have to do is boil the fruit and stir well. Depending on how much fruit you like in the jam, you can also work the mass a little with the hand blender.
  2. Jelly: For jelly, the mass does without pieces of fruit. Therefore, you must completely crush the fruit during the cooking process in the pot with the immersion blender. Tip: You can let the mass run through a sieve afterward for freedom from pieces. Incidentally, this also allows you to catch small grains, such as those from raspberries.

Make jam yourself: Pay attention to the right ratio

When preserving, the right ratio between fruit and preserving sugar is important. The ratio you need to use is written on the packaging.

  • It is usually cooked in a ratio of 2:1. Which means you need about 1 kilogram of fruit and 500 grams of preserving sugar.
  • It is best to boil down the fruit first and then add the preserving sugar to the boiling fruit mass. Mix the jam sugar completely and let the whole thing boil up again.

When is the jam ready?

You can use a little trick to determine whether the homemade jam is ready or not.

  • Take a small spoon and a small plate.
  • Spoon a little fruit mixture onto the plate and let it cool for a moment.
  • Then lift the plate and hold it vertically. Does the jam run? Then she can cook a little longer. Is it firm and does not run at all or hardly at all? Then it’s ready for canning.
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