Mandarin Curd

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Mandarin Curd

The perfect mandarin curd recipe with a picture and simple step-by-step instructions.

  • 500 ml Mandarins / clementine juice (approx. 15 very small)
  • 6 Eggs size L.
  • 500 g Sugar
  • 200 g Butter
  • 2 tbsp go. Food starch
  • Abrasion of the peel from all fruits if untreated
  • Otherwise 1 sachet of orange flavor


  1. Wash the fruits with hot water and rub the skin off as best you can. Then squeeze out. As mentioned above, 500 ml of juice are required. If there is not enough of the mandarins / clementines, the rest can also be topped up with orange juice. The majority should be from the mandarins. Put the eggs in a bowl and whisk a little. Since the mass will later be approx. 1250 g, pour boiling water over the appropriate number of screw-top jars and their lids, make them sterile and let stand until the hot mass can be filled.


  1. Put the juice, zest of the peel, sugar and starch in a saucepan and stir cold. Then bring to the boil and simmer for about 3 minutes so that the peel can release its aroma. Since the shell does not dissolve in the process, if you don’t want to have it in the curd, the liquid can be poured through a fine-meshed sieve and back into the pot before the next steps. Then turn the heat halfway down and gradually stir in the butter in small portions. When the butter is used up, reduce the heat a little more and stir in the beaten eggs quickly and vigorously with a hand whisk, also in small portions. Then continue to stir until the mixture becomes thick and creamy (similar to a pudding). If that takes too long, or if it doesn’t seem like it will set, simply turn up the heat a little higher. Once the eggs have been stirred, they can then no longer flocculate as quickly at a higher temperature.
  2. To fill the jars, remove the water, pour the mixture in until just below the rim, close the jars immediately and let them cool while standing on the lid.
mandarin curd

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