Matcha Tea: Preparation and Effects

The preparation of matcha tea

Again and again, new drinks are becoming a trend, which is said to have fabulous effects. Matcha tea is one of them. We will now explain how to prepare a cup of the green pick-me-up and what you need to know about storing it.

  • The traditional drink from Asia is now also very popular in Europe. The more intense the color of the tea, the fresher it is. You should therefore avoid long storage. Make sure that you store the matcha tea in an airtight package, which you then store in your fridge. Due to the cold, the tea loses fewer aromatic substances. Also check regularly that the temperature differences in the airtight packaging and the refrigerator are not causing waterlogging. This could clump your tea.
  • To prepare it, put two bamboo spoons of Matcha tea powder in a bowl and mix them with a bamboo whisk and water to form a thin paste. Make sure no lumps form. Alternatively, you can use a normal kitchen spoon instead of a bamboo spoon.
  • Then add about 70 milliliters of hot water to the paste. Make sure the water is about 80 degrees warm.
  • Putting boiling water on your matcha paste will make the tea undrinkable. Stir this mixture very quickly for 1 minute to create a foam.
  • The drink is ready. The right dosage depends on individual taste, similar to coffee.

The effects of matcha tea

All sorts of positive properties are attributed to matcha tea, most of which are actually true.

  • Matcha tea increases performance and concentration, making it a healthy alternative to coffee.
  • It also stimulates your metabolism. This is due to the combination of theine (caffeine) and catechins. This increases fat burning and calorie consumption.
  • Also, you can use matcha tea to lose weight. Although tea is not a miracle cure, the bitter substances in tea, for example, help to suppress cravings for sweets.
  • Matcha tea has a high ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbing Capacity). This means that the tea works well against oxidative stress and thus promotes health.

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