Meat Stores Emotions

It is well known that the food we eat has not only a significant impact on our health but also influences our behavior. Thus, one who has overeaten tends to become tired and lethargic. If you eat too little, a restless, nervous state often becomes noticeable.

Meat makes aggressive

Meat is a piece of quality of life suggested to us. However, it is noticeable that meat eaters, especially beef eaters, are more prone to anger, fear, and violence than vegetarians. Meat eaters are also more likely to support war, own guns, and use them. Some of them like to go hunting.

They enjoy killing animals just to hang them on the wall as trophies. Some meat eaters think that animals can be treated cruelly without any consequences for them. But why is it like that?

Tissue stores emotions

Tissue is able to store emotions. This knowledge was gained through organ transplants. Many recipients of organ donations report feeling the emotions of their donors. Even memories with the corresponding moods of the donors are experienced.

This is possible because the organs are able to store energy. For example, in a heart transplant, the emotional energy of the donor’s heart is released and the recipient now experiences those emotions again. All of the tissues and organs in our body are capable of storing this emotional energy, whether it’s the liver, skin, muscles, or blood.

Negative emotions and meat consumption

The same transmission of emotions also happens when we eat meat or animal organs. The energies and emotions that were stored in these tissues are also absorbed into the human body. And that energy imprinted in the flesh of animals now affects the mood, behavior, and consciousness of those who consumed that flesh.

When the animals are taken to the slaughterhouse and confronted with violence, they experience emotions such as panic and immeasurable fear. These emotions are stored as negative energy in their tissues. The flesh then contains the energy of violence, fear, and hopelessness.

Let’s take America as an example: is it a coincidence that the Americans who eat this meat experience exactly the same emotions as the slaughtered animals? There are also questions about why so many Americans support the war, why there is so much violence in the schools, and why is the country in general so terrified.

Protection from emotionally charged flesh

Normally we humans don’t consider it cruel to eat meat. We have learned to completely distance ourselves from whatever animal we are eating. This has to do with the fact that we look at the ham, the salami, or any other sausage in isolation and do not associate it at all with the pig that provides the meat.

We also tend to forget how these animals are treated in the slaughterhouse. If we had the courage and made the effort to look into the situation of animals in the slaughterhouse, we would probably very quickly stop eating meat altogether. In addition to reducing factory farming, this would also have the advantage that we would be protected from absorbing these terrible emotions.

In any case, it is advisable to limit the consumption of meat and to ensure that meat and sausage products are bought exclusively from animals that have been raised in a species-appropriate manner.

However, it is even better to consider a vegetarian diet.

Benefits of a plant-based diet

People who have changed their diet accordingly also show changes in their emotions. A plant-based diet helps you become more balanced, confident, and peaceful. In addition, an expansion of consciousness takes place automatically.

This is because the information is also stored in plants. Provided that the plants are not sprayed or genetically modified, this information is exclusively positive information from nature. Both the sunlight that the plant is exposed to and the water and nutrients that the plant absorbs from the soil are absorbed by our bodies. In this way, every tissue in our body is supplied with this positive energy.

Future of mankind

As cruelly as we treat animals today, in the end, we also treat ourselves, our fellow human beings, and our environment. This topic is not just about animals. Rather, it is also about ethics, compassion, and about the fact that we should finally recognize that all living systems are inextricably linked.

With our eating habits, we not “only” torture the souls of our animals – our souls are also inevitably involved.

Of course, we can supply the whole world with steaks and hamburgers – at least for a certain time. We can cut down the entire rainforest and turn it into pastureland. That will be fine for a few generations. But then it will be over because the entire environment will be irreparably destroyed.

So now is really the time for us to get a holistic view. If we want to have a future, we have to think about a sustainable way. This includes restricting meat consumption. But this also includes saving energy.

This includes stopping supporting companies that are destroying our planet and thus our future. This includes taking care of our health etc. We have an obligation to make the necessary changes that will allow our world to live in peace.

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Written by John Myers

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