Meat Substitutes: The 5 Best Plant-Based Alternatives

Delicious meat substitute: Our plant-based alternatives are not only healthy, but also really tasty.

Whether you want to say goodbye to meat consumption completely or simply want to reduce your meat consumption – we have five plant-based alternatives for you that are perfect as meat substitutes.

Mushroom dishes are the perfect meat alternative

Mushrooms are perfect when you’re looking for a meat substitute, as they add a savory touch to any dish. Whether fried, in a casserole or in sauces – mushrooms give vegetarian dishes that certain something. And there is a large selection of varieties that provide variety on the plate: mushrooms, chanterelles or shiitake, all have their own special touch.

Tofu as a classic among plant-based substitutes

Tofu is definitely the best-known alternative to meat and has a somewhat outdated reputation. Wrongly so, in our opinion, because tofu not only impresses as a great source of protein, it is also extremely versatile in the kitchen. With herbs, smoked or pure – depending on your taste, there is something for everyone. As a plant-based sausage variant, tofu is also ideal for grilling or as an ingredient in soups.

Soy strips as a plant-based minced meat variant

We wouldn’t have thought so at first either, but anyone who has ever used soya schnitzel instead of minced meat for their Bolognese knows: You don’t need any meat for a delicious Bolognese. Soya schnitzel can be seasoned like minced meat and has a similar consistency. The difference is hardly noticeable.

Beans for making patties

Beans are not only rich in protein, but also versatile in preparation. For example, the legumes are the perfect ingredient for vegetarian patties.

Jackfruit instead of pulled pork

One of the newer discoveries among meat alternatives is the tropical jackfruit, which is also available from us. When unripe, it has a meat-like taste. The fibrous consistency is ideal for preparing a vegetarian version of pulled pork

As you can see, there are very different plant-based foods that are ideal as meat substitutes. Just try out which plant-based alternative you like best.

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