Menu For “Owls” And “Larks”

Depending on our daily routine, when we wake up, we need to form our own rules for eating.

Daily menu for “larks”

Breakfast (you should prepare it in the first hour after waking up) should contain complex carbohydrates: wheat, buckwheat or barley porridge, oatmeal (in no case use semi-finished products!). A protein breakfast is also good: scrambled eggs and boiled eggs.
You should have lunch no later than 14:00.

First courses will be especially useful, as they are low in calories and create a feeling of satiety. For the second course, you can have pasta (without cheese), fish, or poultry with vegetables. Dessert and coffee should be excluded from the diet.

“Larks need to learn to drink tea. To prolong the charge of vivacity in the afternoon, green tea will be useful. Tea tones up and invigorates much better than coffee, as the caffeine content in loose-leaf tea is higher than in coffee.

In the interval between lunch and dinner, you need to drink 300-400 ml of water, which is a necessary condition for both larks and owls.

Dinner. If you know for sure that you will go to bed at 21:00, then you should have dinner no later than 18:30. But if the bedtime is moved to 23:00, then dinner should be moved by 2-3 hours. Menu: steamed (or boiled) meat or fish with vegetables.

Snacks during the day should consist of sweet fruits or berries.

Menu for the “owl”

No coffee for breakfast! Tea – black, white, or green – will invigorate you and help you wake up. The best way to eat is cottage cheese (1-9%) with a banana or kiwi, milk, or natural yogurt.

You can replace cottage cheese with buckwheat, oatmeal, wheat, or pearl barley.

Snack: banana, melon, nectarine, persimmon, mango. Remember to drink water!

Lunch for owls can begin at 15:00. The first course is broth, light soup, or borscht. The second course is fish or poultry with a side dish of zucchini, vinaigrette, and avocado.

In the afternoon and after dinner, “owls” need a snack: tea or sweet and sour fruits (oranges, apples, pomegranates, kiwis, tangerines).

For dinner, it is good to eat seafood, veal, and lamb.

Dinner can be supplemented with asparagus, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, herbs, and any kind of cabbage. Those who go to bed after midnight can afford another meal at 21:00. A few hours before bedtime, you can drink chamomile tea or warm milk.

For dinner, owls can eat 35-40% of their daily diet.

The main thing for an “owl” is to learn not to skip breakfast and lunch (so as not to work up an appetite in the evening).

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Written by Bella Adams

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