Miracle Healer Manuka Honey: Germs Don’t Stand A Chance!

Manuka honey is a natural product from New Zealand and a true medicinal all-rounder. Together with antibiotics, honey can even cure serious infections, as recent studies show.

Why is Manuka so healthy?

Manuka honey is a natural medicinal product from New Zealand. Honey has been used for centuries as a natural product with an antibacterial effect. Manuka honey can be called the ‘super honey’ in this context. When used topically, honey promotes rapid wound healing and reduces scarring. In addition, honey is strongly antimicrobial and antiseptic and can therefore be used very well in the treatment of infections. The decisive factor here is the methylglyoxal content. The higher this is, the more effective the honey is.

Can Manuka Replace Antibiotics?

Recent studies looking at cystic fibrosis patients suffering from antimicrobial-resistant infections have found an amazing effect: when honey was used instead of an antibiotic, the death rate of resistant bacteria was 10% higher. When honey and antibiotics were used together, they were 90% effective against bacteria.

Manuka strengthens the immune system

The honey from the pretty Manuka bush heals much better than other kinds of honey. For example, it provides 100 times more methylglyoxal (MGO), which is effective against harmful bacteria. According to studies, Manuka honey can even slow down the growth of dangerous hospital germs (MRSA). Naturopaths recommend a teaspoon of Manuka honey (health food store) daily to boost the immune system. Honey with the MGO seal of approval is good.

Manuka honey banishes stomach ailments

Researchers have shown that manuka honey kills germs that cause stomach ulcers, such as the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. In the long term, honey can help prevent stomach cancer. If you have stomach problems, eat a teaspoon of honey at least 3 times a day.

Manuka stops diarrhea

In combination with grated apples, Manuka honey stops diarrhea very quickly because it works against a large number of types of bacteria that cause it.

Manuka honey for diarrhea

Peel an apple, grate it finely, and mix it with 1 teaspoon of Manuka honey. Eat three to four meals throughout the day. Important: If you have diarrhea, you have to replace lost water and minerals with an electrolyte solution from the pharmacy.

Manuka for painful and inflamed joints

Inflammation, cartilage wear, overload – many things can irritate the joints and cause pain and swelling. Manuka honey provides plenty of substances that inhibit inflammation. Naturopaths recommend it as a wrap. The honey is applied to the area of ​​pain as thick as a knife back. Wrap a sheet smooth and not too tightly over it, and fix it with a gauze bandage. The wrap is left on for at least two hours. You can also let it work overnight.

Manuka fights cold sores

Honey also provides a particularly large number of substances against viruses. Studies show: This helps against cold sores just as well as a special cream from the pharmacy. At the first tingling sensation, dab the skin around your lips with a little honey four times a day and let it soak in completely. The annoying, itchy, or painful blisters often don’t even appear.

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