Natural Alkaline Drinks

Alkaline drinks usually consist of a mixture of arbitrarily combined and artificially produced mineral compounds, which not everyone can easily tolerate. But there are also completely natural and holistic base drinks – made from the food category with the highest base potential: green leafy vegetables.

Alkaline drinks are not always healthy

Base drinks are popular. After all, they should be very healthy. However, a look at the list of ingredients in many alkaline drinks often raises doubts.

In addition to individual minerals, there are sugar, fructose, flavors, artificial vitamins, and acidifiers. However, ingredients of this kind do not fit into a drink that is supposed to pamper and care for the body and must not burden it under any circumstances.

So if you are looking for an alkaline drink, it is better to choose a drink without such additives. Alkaline drinks based on various minerals should only contain minerals such as e.g. B. citrates or carbonates. Everything else is completely superfluous for a base drink, if not harmful.

Natural alkaline drinks with rich ingredients

But there are also completely natural base drinks that consist of nothing but green plants and can therefore no longer be surpassed in terms of naturalness.

These base drinks can consist of green grass, green leafy vegetables, herbs, or wild plants – in dried and powdered form.

Alkaline drinks of this kind don’t just have an alkaline effect because they consist of alkaline minerals. Alkaline drinks made from green plants consist of many more valuable substances, each of which has its own special effect on human health.

These include vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, easily digestible roughage, bitter substances, antioxidants, trace elements, and minerals.

The chlorophyll content of green alkaline drinks and thus their detoxifying potential is also extremely high.

In addition, they provide numerous secondary plant substances whose properties and positive effects on human health are so diverse that it is impossible to list them all.

In their perfect interplay (synergy), all of these ingredients of the natural alkaline drinks contribute to really deep deacidification and comprehensive recovery.

Natural base drinks and their diverse effects

So while the typical base drinks only deacidify (and that often more badly than right), natural base drinks made from green plants are of a completely different caliber:

  • Natural alkaline drinks deacidify on several levels:
  • They provide natural bases.
  • They activate the body’s own base formation through the naturally contained bitter substances.
  • They motivate the body’s own acid elimination and thus the independent regulation of the acid-base balance.
  • Natural alkaline drinks also support digestion and the health of the intestinal flora.
  • Natural alkaline drinks have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Natural alkaline drinks are anti-cancer.
  • Natural alkaline drinks have antibacterial potential.
  • Natural alkaline drinks go very well with an antifungal regimen because they have antifungal properties.
  • Natural alkaline drinks have an antioxidant effect.
  • Natural alkaline drinks provide nutrients and micronutrients.
  • Natural alkaline drinks motivate the immune system.
  • Natural alkaline drinks have a positive effect on the liver.
  • Natural alkaline drinks promote detoxification.
  • Natural alkaline drinks are rich in potassium and magnesium.
  • Natural alkaline drinks provide you with iron.
  • Natural alkaline drinks are excellent sources of folic acid.

Natural alkaline drinks are not only practical means to support deacidification, but real foods that also nourish, revitalize, and care for the body.

Natural alkaline drinks made from grass

The natural base drinks include drinks made from cereal grass:

  • wheatgrass
  • barley grass
  • spelled grass

An alkaline drink made from wheatgrass

The taste of wheatgrass goes in the sweet-tart direction. Wheatgrass invigorates the body because it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system (sympathetic nervous system) and activates the release of adrenaline. The sympathetic nervous system is the part of our nervous system that makes us lively, efficient, and fit for everyday use, i.e. ready to fight.

For this reason, wheatgrass is considered an excellent fitness booster and therefore an ideal ingredient for a morning alkaline drink.

Wheatgrass is also an excellent source of iron and, when consuming 3 teaspoons of wheatgrass powder, already covers half of the daily iron requirement of 15 mg.

However, people with a Candida burden should choose tart barley grass, which not only tastes less sweet but is also particularly good for intestinal health.

An alkaline drink made from barley grass

Barley grass tastes tart and spicy compared to wheat grass.

The bitter substance content in barley grass is slightly higher than in wheat grass – which of course has health benefits since bitter substances have a positive effect on digestion in the area of bile flow and liver and pancreas activity.

The barley grass supports all regulatory mechanisms of the body. Therefore, it is considered one of the best means of cleansing, detoxification, regeneration – and thus rejuvenation of the entire body system.

Two different powders made from barley grass are available:

The powdered barley grass and the powdered barley grass juice

Powdered barley grass contains whole grass, i.e. also the roughage typical of barley grass, which is very well tolerated in the finely ground form and can ensure improved digestion.

The powdered barley grass juice, on the other hand, is almost completely fiber-free. This naturally increases the concentration of nutrients and micronutrients, so barley grass juice represents the essence of barley grass.

In contrast to wheat grass, barley grass is said to have a more calming effect. A base drink made from barley grass is therefore also an excellent nightcap.

An alkaline drink made from spelled grass

The taste of spelled grass is described as pleasantly spicy. Spelled grass is the grass of choice for all those who have a special sympathy for the well-known Hildegard ancient grain.

In contrast to wheat, spelled is of course not nearly as heavily modified by breeding and still has the original properties of wild grass.

From an energetic point of view, spelled grass – just like spelled – is a nerve-strengthening brain food that warms the body and gives a lot of strength.

Overall, as with all cereal grasses, this is a food that supports the body in restoring its internal order, as it unfolds its regulating effect in all areas.

Alkaline drinks made from green leafy vegetables

Another category of natural base drinks are drinks made from powdered leafy vegetables and powdered wild plants, such as B. from spinach, parsley, dandelion, and nettle.

  • An alkaline drink made from spinach: Spinach is one of the most alkaline foods of all. Spinach is also a very good source of iron, even if this property is repeatedly denied. However, fresh spinach provides 4 mg of iron per 100 g – and this amount of iron is now contained in just 10 g of spinach powder.
  • An alkaline drink made from parsley: Parsley is also highly alkaline. It also purifies the blood and aids in detoxification. Special essential oils in parsley counteract bad breath. Parsley helps in no time with numerous digestive problems – whether heartburn, a feeling of fullness, or belching. In addition, the spicy herb prevents kidney and bladder stones and, with plenty of vitamin K, takes care of the health of the bones and blood vessels. Parsley is even said to protect against lung cancer because it neutralizes harmful toxins in the air we breathe.
  • Alkaline drink from dandelion: The dandelion is also a strongly alkaline plant. His specialties are the digestive tract and the bile and liver functions. But dandelion should also be used for bladder infections or to strengthen urinary tracts that are susceptible to infection. The dandelion can be used as a base drink, among other things. its high levels of potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. But its bitter and vital substances also ensure a high-grade alkaline effect.
  • Alkaline nettle drink: The alkaline nettle is THE plant for detoxification and purification. High levels of potassium also make them medicinal plants for the urinary tract and the heart.
  • Against iron deficiency, it is at least as ideal as spinach. For the liver, the stinging nettle has been a relieving helper since Paracelsus and it is also prescribed in modern phytotherapy for inflammatory bowel diseases. The anti-inflammatory properties of stinging nettle are also reflected in their pain-relieving effect on rheumatic complaints.
  • Alkaline drink from Moringa: Moringa is the so-called miracle tree. It grows in many tropical regions and is almost entirely edible. The dried leaf powder of the Moringa tree is widely known as a dietary supplement. Moringa leaves are not only alkaline. A daily dose of 10 grams already provides 200 grams of calcium, almost 3 milligrams of iron, plenty of vitamin E, and the complete daily requirement of vitamin B2.

Green smoothies in seconds

The pulverized green powders – whether from grasses, leafy vegetables, or herbs – simplify the production of green smoothies immensely. It is no longer essential to have fresh greenery in the house every day.

Once the fridge is empty, you simply reach for the green powder made from spinach, nettle, parsley, dandelion, or grass powder.

With the dandelion and nettle leaf powder, even the most powerful wild plants are now available at any time – without having to plan a trip to the woods and fields beforehand.

For a green smoothie, add one or more types of green powder to fruit and water and mix the mixture well – the green smoothie is ready.

The more of the mentioned green powders you combine with each other, the better. Their effects and properties complement and reinforce each other so that an excellent overall effect on the organism can be achieved.

It is ideal if you choose a green powder from each category, i.e. a grass powder, a vegetable powder, and a herbal powder.

Suggestions for green powder combinations

Base Mix 1: Wheatgrass, spinach, and parsley: Mildly sweet with a slightly spicy note
Base Mix 2: Spelled Grass, Spinach, and Nettle: Mildly sweet
Base Mix 3: Barley Grass, Parsley, and Dandelion: Spicy

Of course, the basic green powders can also simply be stirred into water or your favorite juice. The green powders are also excellent in salad dressings, vegetables, seed bread, lentil salad, spreads, in avocado cream (guacamole), energy balls, and much more.

Here are three simple alkaline drink recipes to get you started:

Base drink recipe with base mix 1

Orange banana drink (for 1 portion)

150 ml orange juice
½ banana
50ml of water
1 tbsp white almond butter
Base-Mix-1: ½ teaspoon of each green powder (or more if desired)
Thoroughly mix all the ingredients in the blender.

Alkaline drink recipe no. 2

Pineapple coconut drink (for 1 portion)

1 cup fresh pineapple cubes
1 small banana
250 ml coconut water (from the health food store!)
Base-Mix-2: ½ teaspoon of each green powder (or more if desired)
Thoroughly mix all the ingredients in the blender.

Alkaline drink recipe no. 3

Celery carrot cucumber drink (for 2 servings)

1 stalk celery (with greens)
2 carrots
½ cucumber or 1 small cucumber
Base-Mix-3: ½ teaspoon of each green powder (or more if desired)
Juice the vegetables and briefly mix all the ingredients in the blender. If you don’t have any fresh vegetables in the house, you can also use a natural vegetable juice from the health food store, e.g. B. mixed vegetable juice or carrot juice. A pinch of herbal salt makes the drink even heartier.

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