Nutrient Iron – The All-Rounder

The trace element iron plays a very important role in our body: it determines whether we feel in top form or constantly exhausted and tired.

If our body lacks iron, we quickly feel burnt out and exhausted. Because the micronutrient iron is responsible for oxygen transport, respiration, and cell division. And in the muscles, iron is part of the oxygen store myoglobin. Iron deficiency, therefore, endangers the energy supply of the entire body – in extreme cases, there is a reduction in the number of red blood cells, which can lead to fainting spells, tinnitus, or serious heart problems.

The role of iron in metabolism

Much earlier, iron deficiency causes general exhaustion up to the dreaded chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) with its severely restricted quality of life. Iron also ensures that the metabolism works optimally and it increases the mobility of some immune cells. Optimal iron suppliers (daily requirement ten milligrams) are meat, fennel, carrots and spinach, millet, legumes, and nuts. Important: Vitamin C from fruit and vegetables promotes iron absorption. But: Simultaneous consumption of dairy products, coffee, or black tea inhibits absorption.

How iron unfolds its full effect

An iron cure is particularly effective: A new iron combination preparation with folic acid has proven itself here, the effectiveness of which was examined in a current study on 50 test persons. In 94 percent of the participants, the vitality had improved significantly after twelve weeks of use, and the ability to concentrate increased to 96 percent. The overall mood of the patients also brightened noticeably. In addition to iron, the premium folic acid metafolin promotes blood formation. Only a sufficient number of red blood cells develop the full effect in combination with the supplied iron.

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