Nutritionist Names Three Foods That Contain The Most Sugar

Confectionery and bakery products are the leaders in terms of added sugar. Sugar in many products is dangerous for our bodies. Nutritionist Natalia Kruglova listed the foods that are leaders in terms of the amount of added sugar.

According to her, it is through the consumption of such foods that a person can gain weight unnoticed by themselves, but not by others.

All of these products contain a large number of sweeteners, from fructose to regular sugar, and as a result, they are closer to a regular dessert in terms of their effect on the body.

Which foods have the highest sugar addition:

  • White bread,
  • Yogurt,
  • Juice.

“The leaders in terms of added sugar are confectionery and bakery products. If we are talking about bread, it is primarily wheat products, which are almost equal to butter pastries in terms of sugar content. That is, it is a “non-dessert dessert,” the nutritionist said.

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Written by Emma Miller

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and own a private nutrition practice, where I provide one-on-one nutritional counseling to patients. I specialize in chronic disease prevention/ management, vegan/ vegetarian nutrition, pre-natal/ postpartum nutrition, wellness coaching, medical nutrition therapy, and weight management.

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