Open Kitchen: Advantages and Disadvantages at a Glance

Open kitchens are very trendy

An open kitchen, i.e. a shared cooking and living area, represents a modern room layout. However, this division also has disadvantages.

Disadvantages of open kitchens

An unpleasant fact that owners of open kitchens keep reporting is the smell of food. Especially when you fry something, you can often smell it hours later.

  • With an open kitchen, this smell is no longer just distributed in a small room where it could be separated by a door. Even good extractor hoods cannot completely prevent the smell of food from entering the living area and settling on the carpet or sofa.
  • Another disadvantage is that with an open kitchen, tidying up becomes a constant duty: an open kitchen is always in focus. It belongs directly to the living area and must be cared for and tidied up in equal measure. Especially if you have guests in the house.

Advantages of open kitchens

Everything looks bigger: With an open kitchen, you do without constricting walls, dark nooks, and crannies. Such a room design looks more inviting and open, the entire living area looks larger.

  • By eliminating corridors and connecting passages, you have more space overall.
  • Another advantage is that cooking with an open kitchen becomes more communicative: if you have an open kitchen, it almost automatically becomes the heart of the apartment. A larger kitchen also means more opportunities to share it with others. If you invite guests, you can cook together or chat with people in the living area while cooking.
  • The open kitchen is used more frequently and more intensively. Instead of being a place where you just warm up a bit, the activity of cooking comes to the fore.
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