Ornamental Gourds – Quite Handsome

An ornamental pumpkin is an annual climbing plant with enormous growth performance. There are also impressive, large flowers and colorful, sometimes bizarrely grown fruits. An ornamental pumpkin can have a single color or a multicolored pattern.


The first pumpkins were grown in Central and South America and southern North America. Finds of pumpkin seeds date the cultivation to the period between 10,000 and 8000 BC. Today it is cultivated in almost all warm regions of the world, except for the areas mentioned above.


The ornamental pumpkin is in season from July to September. However, it can be brought forward in spring in warm rooms. From mid-May, an ornamental pumpkin can then be relocated outdoors. The harvest can begin as early as August.


Ornamental gourds are less suitable for consumption. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that they have little pulp. On the other hand, many ornamental gourds also contain harmful ingredients. Only a few ornamental pumpkin varieties are suitable for consumption. You can find recipes in books or on the internet.


Ornamental gourds are mainly used for autumn decoration and for handicrafts.


Ornamental gourds can be made to last longer by rubbing them with wax or painting them with hairspray. At some point, however, they also dry out, become wrinkled, or start to rot from the inside out.

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