Oven with Microwave – The Most Popular Models

If you are looking for an oven with a microwave, you will now find many good models from 100 euros. We will show you the four most popular devices that can be used to make everything from pizza to cake.

1. Oven “Samsung Smart Oven” with microwave

  • With a capacity of 32 liters, Samsung’s Smart Oven is a larger model that has many different programs.
  • In addition to the usual hot air and power levels, the microwave combi also comes with the “SlimFry” function for figure-conscious cooking with little fat.
  • A special feature is the preparation of various yogurt dishes with the Smart Oven.
  • Price: approx. 240 euros

2. Microwave and oven up to 220 degrees from Panasonic

  • The Panasonic NN-DF383B oven combination is significantly smaller than the Samsung Smart Oven. But there is definitely enough space for a pizza or a cake.
  • All you have to do is select the food and thanks to sensors, the device adjusts all other settings. Turbo defrosting of frozen goods is also built in as a separate function.
  • Thanks to an upper and a lower heating element, even baking cakes and casseroles works without any problems. Max. 220 degrees are possible.
  • Price: around 200 euros

3. Bargain: Severin MW 7848 microwave oven

  • The Severin MW7848 microwave oven is only medium-sized at approx. 25 liters, but at a price of 130 euros it is a good bargain.
  • The oven can be heated up to 230 degrees and comes with five different hot air and grill combinations.
  • You can set a specific time interval for defrosting or have the time determined by the weight of your frozen goods.

4. CASO chef design microwave with oven

  • The CASO chef design microwave preheats up to 200 degrees, so you can (over)bake cakes or casseroles at the perfect temperature.
  • Cooking with the microwave is also particularly easy because you can use preset cooking programs.
  • If you prefer to set everything by hand, you will find ten different power levels here. You can also heat dishes particularly gently.
  • Price: approx. 160 euros (silver) / 170 euros (black)
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