Peppermint for Colds: Use of the Medicinal Plant

Peppermint is a popular classic for colds. The herb’s aroma and ingredients help relieve discomfort. The application of the medicinal plant is very simple.

Peppermint for colds: effects in detail

The fresh taste of peppermint is pleasant and comes from the essential oils it contains. Besides these, menthol is a key ingredient useful when you have a cold.

  • Your airways are freed by hot brewed peppermint. The menthol has an antibacterial effect on the nose, mouth, throat, and throat.
  • If you are struggling with stomach or intestinal problems, peppermint is also recommended. It promotes digestion and relaxes the stomach. This regulates appetite and fluid intake.
  • The plant is also said to have an antibacterial effect. This has a positive effect on the mouth and throat area and the nasal mucous membranes.

Used for coughs and other ailments

Peppermint can be used in a number of ways.

  • Peppermint tea is one of the classics. Brew a cup of self-harvested leaves or ready-made tea. Let it steep for a few minutes and drink it hot. This is the most effective way of getting the essential oils into your airways.
  • For a more intensive treatment of the airways, inhale the mint. Fill a bowl with hot water and add peppermint leaves or peppermint oil. Breathe in the steam and relax while doing it.
  • You can chew fresh mint leaves. This relieves toothache and even reduces headaches. In addition, chewing on the leaves is relaxing because of the essential oils.
  • Rub a little peppermint oil on your temples or the back of your neck. This relieves muscle tension and swelling. The oil is particularly suitable for muscle complaints.
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