Phó Bó or Hanoi Soup

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Total Time 1 minute
Course Dinner
Cuisine European
Servings 6 people
Calories 27 kcal


Part 2 (make ready to eat):

  • 500 g Beef bones
  • 100 g Celeriac
  • 100 g Carrot
  • 100 g Leaf parsley with roots
  • 6 St. Star anise
  • 6 St. Birdeyes *
  • 2 St. Cinnamon sticks, attention! Just Kaneel, no Cassia! **
  • 2 St. Onions
  • 2 St. Lemongrass sticks
  • 2 tbsp Oyster sauce
  • 2 L Water
  • 1 St. Ginger fresh, thumb size
  • 1 St. Galangal fresh, thumb size
  • 1 Volume Coriander fresh, cut
  • 1 St. Fresh garlic, whole bulb
  • 0,25 St. Freshly grated nutmeg
  • Supplements and deposits at the table:
  • 200 g Beef fillet
  • 200 g Rice noodles or mung bean noodles
  • 200 g Onions, pickled Vietnamese
  • 200 g Mung bean sprouts fresh
  • 100 ml Nuoc Mam, vitn. Fish sauce or oyster sauce
  • 100 ml Sriracha *
  • 2 St. Spring onions fresh
  • 1 St. Fresh lime, better kaffir
  • 0,5 Volume Fresh coriander
  • 0,5 Volume Mint fresh
  • 0,5 Volume Thai Horapa ***


  • Clean the vegetables and cut into thin slices. Roast the bones as if for the stock. Put everything from part 1 in a saucepan and fill up with 2 liters of water so that everything is covered. Bring it bubbling once, then downshift all the way. It's just supposed to pull gently. In no case remove the foam! This is generally a cardinal error! That clears the broth afterwards! Simmer for at least 4 hours. (I do this overnight at 80 ° C in the oven)
  • Prepare the inserts of part 2, boil the noodles, fill into bowls. The key is the fillet. It has to be cut open in a breath cut. Preferably frozen on the slicer (the day before?)
  • Pour the stock into another saucepan through a sieve and bring it to the boil again until it is really hot and bubbly. Now set the table, a saucer for the pot. Everything else around and enjoy immediately. The high temperatures are important because the beef has to be cooked in a flash. Everyone uses the ingredients, depending on their preferences.
  • Tips noticed in the margin :-): *) Birdeyes = bird's eye chilli = Thai chilli, are very hot! **) Cassia is the fake cinnamon (from China) and contains a poison! ***) Thai basil, because it tastes completely different, it should be, if you don't get it, take the Italian. Serving pot: divide large quantities and serve in the fondue pot. Well worth the effort, this soup is incomparable, really. Recipe from my friend Liu Tan / Vietnam 🙂


Serving: 100gCalories: 27kcalCarbohydrates: 0.4gProtein: 5.2gFat: 0.5g
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