Pineapple – A Delicious Food That Helps To Lose Weight

A tasty fruit that can help with weight loss. But there are many other remarkable properties in the plant.

Pineapple: application and medicinal properties

The enzyme bromelain contained in pineapple inhibits blood clotting and inflammation. It supports the breakdown of the protein fibrin, which can reduce the ability of the blood to circulate. Bromelain is obtained from the fruit and stems of the plant. Bromelain is contained in various finished preparations. The active ingredient is also absorbed in small amounts when the fruit is eaten. In addition, pineapple preparations are used to help with weight loss.

Active ingredients contained in pineapple

Bromelain (mixture of protein-degrading enzymes Bromelain A and B)


The pineapple is a perennial herbaceous plant. The plant trunk reaches a length of up to 35 centimeters and is partially sunk into the ground. The pineapple usually has between 70 and 80 leaves that spiral down the trunk. The golden-yellow pineapple fruit ripens in the middle of the perennial.


The home of the pineapple is Latin America. However, it is now cultivated as a crop in tropical regions around the world.

Other names


Interesting facts about pineapples

Pineapple is healthy and tasty food. It contains many vitamins and minerals. Few calories (approx. 50 kcal per 100 g) and no fat make them an ideal dessert. The enzymes naturally promote digestion.

The name pineapple comes from the language of the Guarani, a South American Indian people who called the plant “naná”. In the 16th century, the Portuguese brought pineapples to Europe. From there she went on to India. For a long time, Hawaii was one of the main growing areas for pineapples.

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