Pizza, Burgers and More: Eat Fast Food without Making a Mess – The Best Tricks

Eating a burger or pizza without making a mess is not that easy. In this article, we have put together some tips for you so that you can have your fast food under control and enjoy it without stains.

Eat burgers without making a mess – that’s how it works

  • Take the burger in both hands.
  • Hold the bottom of the burger with your thumbs and pinky fingers.
  • The remaining fingers rest on the top half of the bun.
  • Do not press the bun halves too tightly. Otherwise, the bread will crumble quickly and the sauce will run out if there is too much pressure.

Eating pizza without a knife and fork – this is how it works

First, divide the pizza into 8-10 pieces. This is best done with a special pizza cutter.

  • Take the pizza in your hand. The thumb is centered on the upper edge.
  • Use your index and pinky fingers to hold up the outer edges. This way the piece is more stable and the rubber does not fall off.
  • If the front part of the pizza slice is particularly soft, you can simply fold it up onto the pizza.
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Written by Kelly Turner

I am a chef and a food fanatic. I have been working in the Culinary Industry for the past five years and have published pieces of web content in the form of blog posts and recipes. I have experience with cooking food for all types of diets. Through my experiences, I have learned how to create, develop, and format recipes in a way that is easy to follow.

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