Protein – The Real All-Rounder!

Protein, colloquially protein, is found in every cell in our body and is an important component of our muscles. Especially when building muscle, a protein-rich diet supports muscle building. We’ll tell you what to look out for in advance!

Muscle building without protein only works to a limited extent, because protein plays a special role in muscle building since our muscles consist largely of protein. The basic prerequisite for building muscle is of course strength training, but sufficient protein intake can optimize the training. The protein requirement increases with the intensity of the training and should be adjusted accordingly for a good supply of the muscles.

The German Society for Nutrition recommends between 1.0 and 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. However, this is only a guide to the daily protein requirement of an average adult. If you train regularly or intensively, you have to adjust your protein intake accordingly.

You should eat more protein-rich foods, especially when building muscle. A continuous intake of protein is advantageous during muscle building. You can easily divide these into several meals throughout the day, for example. As a result, the muscles are optimally supplied with sufficient protein around the clock.

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Written by John Myers

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