Reineclauden – a Special Type of Plum

The tasty, sweet drupes, which are nicknamed “sugar plums”, range in size between Mirabelle plums and plums and also belong to the rose family. The noble plum has the spherical shape of a round plum and is colored yellow-green.


The plants originally come from Asia. The small fruits then came to Germany in the middle of the 18th century.


Reineclauden are in season from mid-July to October.


Greengage cloves are considered a delicacy because of their sweet and aromatic taste.


Whether fresh from the tree, as a compote, jam, or as a basis for liqueurs – Greengage can be prepared in many different ways. The fruits also taste great as a filling in dumplings or in a roast, on a sheet cake, or with nut ice cream.


It is best to eat the fruit quickly, as it is sensitive to pressure. Reineclauden can be kept for approx. 4 days without refrigeration, and for approx. 14 days if refrigerated.

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