Saffron for Depression: How to Use It

Saffron is not only known as a popular condiment in the kitchen but as a medicinal drug that is also said to help against depression. In this article, we explain how saffron works and what you need to consider when using it.

How does saffron work against depression?

Saffron has been known in natural medicine for thousands of years. We tend to use it to flavor oriental dishes. But saffron can do more:

  • Among other things, saffron is said to have a nerve-strengthening effect due to the secondary plant substances it contains, which can develop particularly well in the case of depression or PMS.
  • In addition, saffron is said to have a potency-enhancing effect, which is said to work in both men and women. It also has an analgesic, anti-bloating effect, regulates cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and generally strengthens digestion.
  • Since the mood-enhancing and anxiety-relieving effect of the expensive plant has already been confirmed in studies, it can actually be used as a worthwhile alternative to antidepressants.
  • Saffron even offers some advantages over medicines. It is to be expected with far fewer side effects. Sexuality usually suffers from reduced potency and weight gain often occurs when psychotropic drugs are taken.
  • However, you should never start taking saffron without consulting your doctor. Because the natural remedy has a very strong effect, it can very easily be overdosed and in the worst case even be fatal.
  • It was also shown that the effect of saffron can be increased even further by taking additional turmeric.

So you can use the saffron against depression

In general, it is much easier to consume the saffron as an extract than to use the spice or the saffron threads. This is how overdoses can be specifically prevented:

  • Saffron is commercially available in capsule and drop form. If you want to specifically treat depression with it, you should always use these extracted forms.
  • Nevertheless, taking saffron to treat depression should always be discussed with the doctor treating you. In case of doubt, he can inform you about the correct dosage and explain the exact procedure for the application.
  • There is now also an over-the-counter natural medicine that consists of high-dose saffron in capsule form.
  • If used correctly, overdosing is impossible. In addition, this preparation is free of harmful substances and has been manufactured in Germany in a controlled manner.
  • If you are pregnant, you should refrain from taking saffron. Because the spice contains the substance safranal, which can cause miscarriages during pregnancy.
  • You should discuss taking saffron while breastfeeding with your doctor or midwife.
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