Salak: How to Enjoy Indonesian Snake Fruit

This exotic definitely attracts everyone’s attention in the fruit basket. Finally, the shiny reddish-brown shell is covered with countless scales. But what is hidden behind the eye-catching exterior? We reveal everything you need to know about salak, the Indonesian snake fruit!

Salak: This is what the scaly exotic tastes like

Behind this bowl is a real taste explosion. Because: The yellow to pink-colored flesh scores similar to the Indonesian mangosteen with a sophisticated, complex aroma. The Salak combines sweet and sour notes of apple, lychee, strawberry, and pineapple. The flesh, divided into two to four segments, has a crunchy apple-like texture and is wonderfully juicy.

Important: The few seeds are inedible and should be removed before consumption. By the way, to peel the fruit, simply break it off at the top. Then peel off the skin from the tip like you would a tangerine, working in the opposite direction of the scale’s growth. Incidentally, the salak owes its alternative name snake fruit to them.

Salak in the kitchen: preparation options

In Indonesia, the fruit of the salak palm is sold fresh, pickled, dried, boiled, and even fried. In fact, you can either snack on the ripe fruit straight from the peel or use it in a dessert of your choice. Of course, the extraordinary taste spices up any fruit salad, but it also tastes good in cakes or in a morning smoothie.

Good to know: In Indonesia, salak is also known as the fruit of memory, as the fruit is said to strengthen mental performance. In fact, this effect has not yet been scientifically proven – but of course, this fact in no way spoils the enjoyment.

Salak: practical shopping tips

In Germany, salak, like rambutan, red pitahaya, and other exotic Asian varieties, are still hard to come by. However, if you are lucky enough to discover the exotic fruit: Make sure you only buy specimens with shiny, evenly reddish-brown skin. Ripe salak also smell beguilingly sweet. Dark brown or blotchy salak, on the other hand, have already passed their peak.

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