SalaVerde – Young Variety of Lettuce

SalaVerde combines the virtues of romaine lettuce and lettuce. The sweetheart leaves are reminiscent of lettuce, while the high head shape is reminiscent of the romaine lettuce. Its leaves are tender and crunchy at the same time. The core is bright yellow, the outer leaves are green.


SalaVerde is a new type of lettuce that has only been available for outdoor cultivation for two years.


SalaVerde is grown outdoors throughout the year. In the summer, the goods come from northern German cultivation, during the winter months from Spain.


SalaVerde tastes deliciously mild and fresh. Since usually only the heart of the lettuce is used, it is particularly tender. It tastes crisp like romaine lettuce and is aromatic like lettuce.


It is ideal for preparing the classic “colorful salad”. The fresher the heads of lettuce are, the higher their vitamin content. Wash the SalaVerde thoroughly, but not for too long, under cold running water. Due to his closed head shape, he usually comes off the field very “clean”. The best way to dry the lettuce is in a salad spinner. Only then do you chop the salad and prepare it, so the vitamins are better preserved.

Storage/shelf life

Lettuce is sensitive and should therefore be eaten quickly. Lettuce should be wrapped in a damp cloth or paper and refrigerated until ready to use.

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