Sango Calcium From The Sea

The Japanese Shigechiyo Izumi was once supposed to be interviewed by a British journalist. It was about his remarkably old age – in fact, he was the oldest person in the world at the time (115 years). Even at his advanced age, thanks to Sango, Calcium, and Co, he was still in excellent health and had worked every day until his 105th birthday.

Calcium from the Sango Sea Coral

Surprised by this and by the good health of the other residents, the journalist wanted to find out more and so a team of scientists came to the island. Here they found in investigations that the groundwater that was consumed every day was enriched with the calcium from the Sango sea coral, more than in the rest of the world.

With Sango Calcium to old age

The island on which these healthy and sometimes very old people live is part of a coral reef. The structure of the Sango sea coral found here is remarkable. The structure of Sango Calcium is very similar to that of the human skeleton. Rain is responsible for dissolving minerals and trace elements from sea corals. This was the solution to the riddle: The consumed water contained the healing components of the Sango coral.

Sango Calcium neutralizes acids

The Sango Calcium is available in powder and capsules. The Sango sea coral attracted the interest of scientists. Sango and its calcium became part of intensive research and soon showed their extraordinary properties.

Old age thanks to Sango calcium and magnesium in their natural form
The Sango sea coral is called “The One” because it is the only one of the 2500 coral species that can show this special effect on humans. It only occurs in and around Okinawa. Shigechiyo Izumi was over 120 years old. His lifestyle and intake of Sango Calcium are credited with reaching this old age. Meanwhile, millions of people around the world take the Sango coral and trust in its unique effect.

Sango Calcium from Sea Coral vs. Land Coral

Land and sea corals have some very specific differences. The land coral does not have a specific ionization potency, so it does not have as high bioavailability as the Sango sea coral.

The substances that land coral species are said to have an effect on the body are usually excreted naturally and go unused. Calcium, in particular, is only insufficiently absorbed, and this is very important for the human body.

Sango ratio of calcium and magnesium

In the case of the Sango coral from the sea, the ratio between calcium and magnesium is 2:1, just as it occurs in the organism. This ratio does not exist in land coral species. Only the corals with the designation Original Sango Sea Coral actually have the health-promoting effect. Caution is always required when buying because many suppliers try to sell the land corals as sea corals.

Land coral suffers from environmental influences

Sure, today’s land coral was once in the water, but that was a long time ago. Since then it has been in the air and is exposed to the usual weather and environmental influences.

At first glance, the difference between land and sea coral can be seen in the price. Land coral costs only a third of what is charged for sea coral. The reason for this is simple: the quality is lower and it is easier to mine. Often the harvesting of land corals is an “on the side” thing. As mentioned above, the calcium-magnesium ratio is worse, it is 10:1 to even 18:1, which is due to the weather to which the land corals were exposed.

Artificial additives damage the Sango Calcium

If you try to change the ratio artificially, namely by adding magnesium afterward, this in no way promotes the healing effect. It is only achieved when both ion potency and fossil energy are changed. They will be reduced.

Darker color indicates land coral

The powder of the land coral can also be recognized by its color. It is usually darker than that sea coral, which is predominantly white. The darker color is caused by the weather to which the land coral is exposed. It also accumulates toxins found in the environment, which is not the case with sea coral. Sango Calcium from the sea is largely unpolluted. The coral form, which is of poorer quality, is often offered for sale as sea coral in capsules.

The power of Sango Calcium from the sea

The Sango Sea Coral is excellent for returning minerals to the body and relieving harmful acids that are always present in the human body. It is a purely natural product, which means that no additives have been added.

Variety of minerals and trace elements

Overall, the Sango contains calcium and magnesium, as well as seventy other minerals and trace elements that are in ionized form. The body as a whole, but also each individual cell, benefits from the organic and alkaline-active substances that can have an effect every time Sango sea coral is taken.

High bioavailability of the calcium from the Sango sea coral

The bioavailability of calcium from the Sango sea coral is unique. After ingestion, the minerals migrate through the oral mucosa into the bloodstream and from there into the cell, where they can immediately develop their full effect. If the powder of the Sango sea coral is taken regularly, the reserves of minerals that a body normally has will be replenished again and again. These reserves form the basis for a healthy body that is able to perform at its best every day. And that for a lifetime.

Environmentally friendly degradation of Sango Calcium

Important to know. The government of Japan has been promoting the mining of Sango sea corals for over ten years. He is expressly desired. Extreme care is always taken during mining and care is taken to ensure that no living corals are harmed.

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