Sauerkraut Diet: This Is How The Herb Helps You Lose Weight

Sour makes you slim – at least that’s what the sauerkraut diet promises. What is wrong with the method? What are the pros and cons of this diet?

The sauerkraut diet is not for the faint-hearted: the cabbage is served with every meal and sauerkraut juice is on the menu for breakfast. Is the diet worth it?

Why is sauerkraut healthy?

Sauerkraut is white cabbage that has been preserved through a lactic acid process and has several health benefits. The herb contains valuable minerals and vitamins A, B, C, and K as well as lactic acid, has a detoxifying effect, and stimulates digestion. Sauerkraut also has extremely few calories – 100 grams contain only 15 kilocalories. In addition, the herb has an extremely low-fat content. Because it also fills you up quickly, it is well suited to saving calories and thereby losing weight.

This is how the sauerkraut diet works

If you don’t like the taste of sauerkraut at all, then you’re going to have a hard time with the sauerkraut diet. Your menu does not consist of just sauerkraut, as the name implies. Nevertheless, the hearty herb should be the main part of every meal.

It doesn’t matter whether you eat sauerkraut with vegetables or lean meat with sauerkraut: You mustn’t exceed the total calorie count of 1,000 calories per day. You should also avoid greasy foods. Rely on healthy fats, such as those found in linseed oil, olive oil, or fish, and make sure that you eat valuable proteins. Depending on your stamina and weight loss goal, a duration of a few days to a week is planned.

Accelerate weight loss with sauerkraut juice

This is the most difficult part of the sauerkraut diet: For breakfast, there is half a glass of pure sauerkraut juice on an empty stomach. This gets the digestion going, which promotes weight loss. In addition, the juice prevents cravings because it has a filling effect.

In addition to the calorie limit, it is also important – as with most diets – that you drink a lot, preferably tap water, mineral water, and herbal tea. You should drink between three and four liters of liquid per day. Alcohol is taboo during this time.

Which sauerkraut is suitable for losing weight?

Ready-made, pasteurized sauerkraut is not recommended for the diet because it lacks the lactic acid bacteria that make the herb a probiotic food and is important for weight loss. Instead, buy sauerkraut by the barrel or by the bag. It should not be washed or overheated before consumption.

Benefits of the Sauerkraut Diet

The sauerkraut diet is not difficult to implement and does not impose overly strict rules. Unlike many other diets, it doesn’t cause you to feel hungry all the time. With a little planning and a varied diet, there is no need to fear a lack of nutrients. In addition, the diet is ideal if you need to lose weight quickly. Possible 1.5 kilos in a week.

Losing weight with the sauerkraut diet: the disadvantages
Every diet that allows a lot of freedom in terms of recipes and makes few specifications also have disadvantages: If you eat too one-sidedly during the diet, you run the risk of suffering from a nutrient deficiency. Because the sauerkraut diet specifies a calorie maximum of only 1,000 kilocalories a day, a yo-yo effect is very likely after the diet if the diet is not changed afterward.

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