Seasonal Fruit April: Exotic Fruits

“Try makes wise!”, says the vernacular. Before fresh, local fruit (strawberries!) is finally on the table again in May, we will show you exotic foods rich in vitamins that will make the wait easier for us.

Passion Fruit – Granadilla & Maracuja

Maracuja is probably the best-known of the hundred or so varieties of passion fruit. It can be found in many juices but also as an aroma in numerous desserts or in ice cream. As a fresh fruit, passion fruit, often also referred to as passion fruit, has a unique, sweet, and sour aroma. Watch out for slightly shriveled skin on this exotic species. Fruits with smooth skin are still unripe and taste too sour. Even if you only scrape out the pulp with a spoon, the peel should be washed thoroughly. The juicy pulp can be enjoyed on its own, in yogurt, or as an ingredient in baked goods. With a little vinegar, you can conjure up a delicious salad dressing from passion fruit.

Visually not similar but still closely related to the passion fruit: the grenadilla. It also has a jelly-like flesh that tastes even sweeter than that of passion fruit. Try the pulp with a little pepper and lemon juice – a complex taste experience!

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Written by John Myers

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