Seasoning Salad – Tips and Tricks For the Best Recipes

Season the salad properly: It works with these herbs

Salad is very often served as a starter rich in vitamins. Just salad is rarely on the plate. It is usually provided with a dressing. This gives it pep and flavor. We have already written for you in another article how to make dressing. You can find out below which herbs go well with which type of salad.

  • For cheese salads, it is best to use thyme, marjoram, caraway, nutmeg, allspice, garlic or paprika. Fish salads, on the other hand, like lemon balm, dill, parsley, mint, sorrel, chervil, garlic, coriander greens and also grated lemon zest.
  • If you would like to prepare a chicken salad, it is best to choose tarragon, dill, chervil, thyme, garlic, lemon balm, nutmeg, mace, curry powder. Soy sauce also goes well with chicken salad. For a meat salad you can use parsley and chives, as well as tarragon, peppers, onions and garlic as well as soy sauce, mustard or grated lemon zest.
  • Sausage salads get the right pep with savory, parsley, marjoram, oregano, chives, thyme and sage. But ground coriander, mustard and onions as well as garlic can also be used in the dressing.
  • Pasta salads don’t need to be drowned in mayonnaise. Try it with a herb dressing made from chives, basil, chervil, parsley, mint, dill, tarragon, mustard or curry powder. Parsley, mint and tarragon also go well with a rice salad. Likewise, you can also add chervil, dill, chives or coriander greens, mace, citrus peels or soy sauce to the dressing.

Herbs for vegetable salads

Even if the vegetables already have a great taste of their own, you can enhance their flavor by using the right spices and herbs. When preparing the salad dressing, only add the oil to the herbs, spices and other ingredients at the very end to ensure that the dressing is particularly creamy. This allows it to wrap itself around the salad and develop its full taste in the mouth.

  • For a coleslaw you can choose between caraway, cumin, chives and parsley. If you also want to use coriander, both coriander leaves and ground coriander are suitable.
  • Caraway, cumin and ground coriander go well with a winter vegetable salad. For a summer salad you should also use chives, sage, thyme, parsley, garlic or even basil.

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