Silver Bullet Against Elevated Blood Lipids, Heart Attack And Cancer

Tomatoes are 95 percent water, but the rest is just about the healthiest thing nature has to offer. More than 6000 varieties are known worldwide – and each one is pure medicine. Here you can find out everything about the health-promoting active ingredients in tomatoes and get delicious tips on how to prepare them!

Why tomatoes are so healthy

Researchers recommend consuming tomatoes every day: They not only have excellent properties that strengthen the immune system but also ingredients that reduce elevated blood lipids, and prevent heart attacks and even cancer.

Lower blood lipids

A lot of lycopene from eating plenty of tomatoes also reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. At the same time, a special acid in the tomato naturally supports the body in balancing blood lipids. Just four tomatoes a day can drastically reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis (calcification of the blood vessels).

Cancer prevention

Lycopene is the name of the miracle cure that has become the focus of science. It gives the ripe nightshade its appetizing red color. In humans, lycopene mainly contributes to putting disease-causing substances in the body out of action. It gets even more amazing: Cooked or dried, the bright red tomato is even healthier than raw. Only heating increases the content of the cancer-stopper lycopene. And it can be used as tomato sauce. ketchup or pulp is much better utilized by the body than raw tomatoes.

Defensive stronger

Tomatoes are among the most powerful immune stimulants available. Their ingredients even ward off attacks by influenza pathogens. Tip: Eat a plate of tomato soup every day as soon as the first symptoms appear. Every second cold can be averted in this way.

Rich slimmer

A few pounds too much? Tomatoes iron out small nutritional sins quickly. Their mix of potassium and fiber has a draining and digestive effect at the same time. 100 grams contain only 18 calories, which makes the tomato the ideal slimming product.

Recipe: Sun-dried tomatoes

Flavor classic among the antipasti – pickled in aromatic oil with bread or as a side dish in a salad – perfect! And easy to do yourself:


  • 800 grams of tomatoes
  • sugar, salt, pepper
  • Rosemary


Halve the Roma tomatoes and carefully lay them out on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with sugar, salt, and pepper, and spread rosemary on top. Add a drizzle of olive oil – this will keep blood lipids down. Dry in the oven at about 120 degrees for three hours.

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