So High Is The Calorie Consumption When Gardening!

Working in the garden is not only good for the soul: Physical activity is also healthy – and good for your figure because you burn calories. But how high is the calorie consumption when gardening exactly?

Gardening makes you happy: Many garden owners are convinced of that. No wonder, because planting, weeding, and sowing, the fresh air, colors, sounds, and smells caress the soul and relax. In addition, working in the garden also affects the body: it makes you fit and calorie consumption increases during gardening – losing weight is then a pleasant side effect.

Why gardening can burn calories

Lifting, pushing, bending, digging: many different muscles are used and trained when gardening. Physical activity also stimulates the cardiovascular system. Calories are used up when gardening, which can also boost fat burning. The more intense you are, the better the effect.

So high is the calorie consumption when gardening

The number of calories you burn depends on the type of activity. Light gardening is of course less effective than heavy ones. Duration and speed are also important – and your body weight also plays a role. If you have more muscle mass, you burn more calories. Therefore, on average, men can burn more than women.

For comparison: A banana has about 138 calories per portion – according to the table, a man can make up for this by watering the lawn. For currywurst (533 kcal), however, he would have to pick up an axe.

The woman, on the other hand, could burn the calories for 300-calorie granola with nuts in an hour of weeding. Or she could walk and mow the lawn for more than an hour for two scoops of ice cream (374 kcal – without the cone).

So: Let’s go outside – the calorie consumption of gardening is worth it!

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