Store Bananas Correctly – This is How it Works

Keep a few things in mind when storing bananas, the fruit stays fresh longer. We will show you how to store bananas properly. We will also tell you a simple trick to make the fruit last longer.

Store bananas at room temperature

Bananas don’t like cold storage.

  • The refrigerator is not the right place to store bananas. This also applies to hot summer days. The skin of the banana turns black faster due to the cold.
  • It is best to store bananas at room temperature and away from other fruit.
  • The reason for this is that bananas allow other fruits to ripen faster. This is due to the fact that bananas are harvested unripe and green.
  • The fruits only ripen in a ripening chamber by adding the gas ethane. This gas is still in the banana peel and allows nearby fruits and vegetables to ripen faster.
  • Incidentally, apples are free from ethylene. This is also a substance that accelerates the ripening of bananas in the opposite case.
  • So if you want bananas you bought unripe to ripen faster, place a red apple next to them.
  • If you want to avoid brown spots on bananas, do not store the fruit in the fruit basket. Best hang them up.
  • The trade offers practical banana holders for this purpose.

Dark-skinned bananas are not spoiled

If the skin of the banana has turned dark, the fruit no longer looks so appetizing.

  • However, the fruits are by no means spoiled. On the contrary: a banana is only really ripe when the skin is slightly brownish.
  • The darker the skin, the sweeter the fruit. You can therefore eat very dark bananas without any problems, even if the flesh here is usually very soft.
  • If the dark color or the softer flesh bothers you, use the fruit to mix a delicious smoothie yourself.
  • Tip: Bananas stay fresh longer if you wrap the stems in cling film. This slows down the ripening process of the fruit.

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