Store Bread Correctly – That’s How it Works

How do you store bread properly? According to a study, most households do not store their bread properly. As a result, the bread does not keep for long and spoils quickly. The bread stays fresh longer with our tips.

Storing bread correctly: General information

Some foods, such as bread, need to be stored properly to keep them at their best. Just follow our tips below.

  • In general, light loaves of bread or rolls that contain a high proportion of wheat flour should only be stored for a short time.
  • Varieties that contain more rye can easily be stored for several days.
  • To prevent mold, you must regularly clean the bread basket or the place where the bread is stored.
  • You can use vinegar essence every one to two weeks to clean the basket thoroughly.
  • Mixed rye bread can be stored in the bread basket for five to seven days; Mixed wheat bread only for three to five days.
  • Pay attention to the name of the bread when buying it: Only where it says wholemeal bread on it must it contain at least 90% wholemeal flour.

How to properly store your bread

In any case, you should store bread and rolls in the kitchen at room temperature. If you want to keep the bread fresh for several days, you should seal it as airtight as possible. Clay or earthenware pots are best suited as containers. They absorb excess moisture and release it back into the bread. Special bread boxes work in a similar way. In hot months you can also store your bread differently:

  • If stored incorrectly, bread cannot release the water it contains and thus spoils more quickly. The bread can be kept for up to 9 days in special containers.
  • It is therefore advisable to store the bread in the refrigerator, especially in summer. Otherwise, you should refrain from doing so, as the bread will become stale.
  • If you want to store bread for several weeks, you should freeze it. Simply pack the loaves in freezer bags beforehand.
  • Note: The bread must be taken out of the freezer five hours before consumption so that it can defrost at room temperature.
  • Individual frozen slices can also be easily defrosted with the toaster.

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