Storing Dates – You Should Pay Attention to This

Store dates correctly – this is how you do it

Storing dates properly is not rocket science. You just need to know one or the other condition. Dates generally like it cool.

  • Choose a place that has as constant a temperature as possible. The temperature should be below 10 degrees. The refrigerator is not suitable for this. It is best to store the dates in the cellar or in a pantry where it is not too warm. Depending on how fresh and ripe the dates are, they need to be stored differently.
  • In the Arabic language, there are up to 16 stages in which the fruit is harvested. However, only the fresh condition of a fruit that was harvested early and the condition of a fruit that has already started to lose water are relevant for correct storage. These fruits are more aromatic than the others and can usually be stored longer and better.
  • The dried fruits can be kept for up to a year. They dry up and don’t look appetizing to everyone, but they are edible. The dates are very sweet. The sugar makes them last so long.
  • The fruit loses water as it dries. This makes them less prone to rotting and being attacked by bacteria that spoil the fruit.
  • Dates, which are very juicy, are more prone to mold. Therefore, the dried fruit is best stored in a dry place that is cool. In addition, juicy dates should not be stored airtight because the evaporating water cannot escape and condenses. This is another chance for germs that could spoil the fruit.

The right container for storage

So that dates can be stored optimally, you should choose a suitable container.

  • Avoid plastic jars or bags. They take on the smell of both dry and juicy dates. You can choose a cardboard box. You should cover the box. This will prevent the dates from drying out too much. However, the escaping moisture should still have the opportunity to escape from the cardboard box. So do not seal the jar airtight.
  • You can also freeze dates in the freezer. However, it is important to note that the dates must be completely fresh. Dates are often frozen in refrigerated chambers during transport and then thawed again. Dates should not be frozen a second time. Therefore, when buying dates, make sure that the dried fruit is as fresh as possible.
  • Dates harvested in a juicy state can stay edible and fresh for up to 4 weeks if you store them properly. Dates come from the oriental region and are popular for their long shelf life. They also contain vitamins and sugar – which is ideal when traveling through the desert. They are still an important part of Arabic cuisine today.
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